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About Us

Why was this Statistics Portal developed?

This statistics portal was developed in response to the marginalization of statistics in the nursing curriculum when students did not find the relevance of statistics for their clinical practice. 

The design of this portal has been greatly influenced by the problem-based learning strategy in order to motivate and enhance students learning in statistics.  Specifically, emphasis has been made on the application, interpretation, and critical appraisal of statistics in clinical research as well as in real-life situations.

*We are recovering materials from a recent upgrade of the hosting account.

Target audience

This statistics portal comprises materials at two levels: Statistics Laboratory and Statistics Tank, targeted at nursing students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, respectively. 

Who supported us?

We like to acknowledge the support of the Leung Kau Kui Research and Teaching Endowment Fund and Teaching Development Grants (Faculty-based) of The University of Hong Kong.

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