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Cell Phone Use Affects Fertility

S0009 [Source:, October 27, 2006.]

A study, conducted by Dr. Ashok Agarwal reported on the results of 364 men who used cell phones for varying amounts of time each day. According to Agarwal, men who used their cell phones for four hours a day or more showed the greatest damage to their sperm. "Those differences are highly significant," Agarwal told eWEEK. You were quite interested in the topic and found the original work by Dr Agarwal. The following table of results was found.



Q1. What does SD mean?

Q2. Do you think the means were precisely estimated? Provide justifications.

Q3. Can we conclude the sperm count in people who did not use cell phone tended to be higher than those who used cell phone for over 4 hours/day? Explain.

Q4. How do you compare the original results with what were reported in eWeek?


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