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Cultural Sensitivity in Undergraduate Nursing Students

S0013 [Source: Hughes & Hood (2007). Journal of Transcultural Nursing 18(1):57-62.]

Cultural sensitivity serves as a foundation for the development of cultural competence and focuses on the affective elements necessary to appreciating differences. When nurses provide culturally relevant care, they tailor nursing assessments and interventions to best address client cultural needs. The Cross-Cultural Evaluation Tool was developed to assess how well a nurse is making culturally sensitive choices. The assessment is made by a cross-cultural interaction score (CIS) with a higher score indicates better cultural skills.

The tool was administered at the beginning and at the end of a professional development course in 5 classes to assess the change in CIS. The following table is an extract of the results:



Q1. The range was used to summarize the CIS. Comment on its appropriateness.

Q2. If you were given a chance to summarize the results again, what descriptive statistics would you use? Explain.

Q3. How would you examine the change of CIS for each class? Why?

Q4. Did you make any assumptions in your choice in Q3? If yes, list them all.


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