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Fridge-Like Condition on Buses in Hong Kong

S0006 [Source: Metro Daily, September 2006.]

A survey was conducted on 70 air-conditioned buses from the CityBus, Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB), and New World First Bus (NWFB). All of them had their temperature on bus measured, with an average of 22.8°C. Moreover, the temperature of the exhaust gas from 17 buses were also measured. The average temperature was 33.6°C with a maximum of 36.1°C.

The minimum on-bus temperature in each bus company is reported in the following table.

Based on these results, It was recommended to adjust the temperature close to 25.5°C, as promoted by the government.



Q1. The temperature on bus as presented in the table may lead to misleading interpretations. Describe how this may happen.

Q2. How will you present the results to overcome the potential bias indicated in Q1?

Q3. Also in the table, with the given range of exhaust gas temperature of air-conditioned buses, it remains unclear if adjusting the on-bus temperature to 25.5 will help lowering the exhaust temperature. Explain why?

Q4. What analysis may be performed to compare the temperature of exhaust gas from air-conditioned buses with on-bus temperature close to 25.5°C and those from bus without air-conditioning?

Q5. What analysis may be done to determine how on-bus temperature is related to the temperature of the gas exhausted in buses with air-conditioning?


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