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Nurses' Response to Pain Communication from Patients

S0017 [Source: McDonald et a. (2007). International Journal of Nursing Studies 44:29-35.]

A study was conducted to examine the difference of treatment strategies of nurses when patients use their own words, a pain intensity scale, or both to communicate pain. A total of 122 medical surgical Registered Nurses were asked to read a vignette about a trauma patient with moderately severe pain on a randomly assigned condition. The nurses then respond how they would respond to the patient's pain.

The mean number of pain management strategies planned for those using words only (n=43), pain intensity scale only (n=35), and both words and scale (n=40) were 1.8 (SD=1.01), 2.2 (SD=1.16), and 2.3 (SD=1.17), respectively.



Q1. What is SD?

Q2. If we want to specifically examine the difference in number of pain management strategies between those used words only and those used both words and scale, how would you quantify the difference?

Q3. What statistical method should we use to determine if the difference in Q2 is genuine?

Q4. Perform the test you suggested in Q3. Make conclusion.

Q5. Will your conclusion in Q4 subject to error? If yes, what kind of error?


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