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Rubbish from Fast Food Keeps Piling Up

S0008 [Source: Ming Pao, October 2006; SCMP, November 2006]

Between July and August 2006, Green Sense volunteers visited different fast-food restaurants across the city during lunch time (from 12pm to 2pm) and recorded the number of disposable items left by diners. A total of 8,831 customers were surveyed.

It was found that an average customer would throw away nine disposable items after a meal. These include plastic cutlery, napkins, food wrappers and tray paper. A breakdown by some fast food restaurant is



Q1. Discuss if mean is an appropriate descriptive measure for indicating the number of items disposed per customer.

Q2. A group of representatives from the fast food restaurants criticize the precision of the figures. What additional information would you use to show the precision of the figures?

Q3. The mean number of items disposed per customer at KFC is numerically larger than that at Fairwood? Discuss how you would examine if the difference is genuine or just happen by chance.

Q4. Do you need any additional information in order to pursue what you planned in Q3? If yes, list them all.


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