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A Closer Look at Nurses' Salaries

S0014 [Source: : Mee (2007). Nursing]

A salary survey of nurses was performed in United States. Over 1100 nurses responded. Some results are summarized below:

Moreover, the average annual salary for all male respondents was $54,600, compared with $50,600 for women.



Q1. What is the population of interest?

Q2. What is the measurement scale of salary?

Q3. Suppose a delayed questionnaire was received from a nurse whose annual salary was $180,000. Inclusion of the additional data will likely result in a much higher average annual salaries. Is there a way to overcome this? If yes, how?

Q4. Based on the reported results, could you conclude male nurses had a higher salary than female nurses? If yes, how? If no, why not and what additional information would enable you to make the comparison?


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