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Hong Kong Young Adults Slow to Leave Nest

S0010 [Source: The Standard, December 22, 2006.]

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups last month interviewed 535 people aged 18 to 34, and found about 75 percent of them still living with their parents.

Twenty-eight of the respondents, aged 25 to 34, said they were still depending on their families for financial help. Moreover, 310 said they did not want to move out, and 31 percent of them said they had no choice because of their poor financial status. Of those who planned to move out of the family, 18 percent said 30 would be a good age to do it. The survey also found that 112 interviewees - or about 22 percent - did not have any saving habits.



Q1. What is the population of interest?

Q2. Estimate the percentage of youths who did not move out due to poor financial status.

Q3. How precise is your estimate obtained in Q2?

Q4. Discuss if the pool of 535 people is sufficient to examine the percentage of young adults still living with their parents?


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