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More Women Than Men Getting Tertiary Education

S0001 [Source: A Chinese Newspaper in Hong Kong]

According to a census survey conducted by the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department in 2001, 56,167 (48.8%) men versus 58,948 (51.2%) women were receiving full-time tertiary education. This represented an increase of women percentage when compared with the reported figures of 50,997 men (52.9%) and 45,469 women (47.1%) in the 1996 census survey, as well as 36,034 men (54.0%) and 30,743 women (46.0%) in the 1991 census survey.

The census survey in 2001 also reported that 57,936 men (48.0%) and 62,694 women (52%) were pursuing part-time/distance tertiary education.



Q1. Some figures were reported in the news. Were they taken from a sample or a population? Why?

Q2. Is it possible to obtain a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of male students receiving full-time tertiary education in 2001? If yes, what will it be?

Q3. Note that while it is easy to determine the number of students attending a full-time tertiary education in Hong Kong by checking the registry records of all tertiary education providers (only 9) in Hong Kong, it will actually take much time and resources to enumerate all people in Hong Kong to find out who were under a distance learning program. If you were asked to estimate the percentage of people in Hong Kong who were pursuing part-time/distance tertiary education in a non-census year, what and how would you do?


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